Thursday, 29 November 2012

Christmas Spirit in the City

Today my boyfriend and I went to the city center to get christmas presents and have a look at the now opened christmas markets. They virtually cover the whole shopping area. There wasn't that much going on yet, but I guess the missing snow (yeah, I was really disappointed!) and the rain kept people indoors. I really like the big christmas tree at Alsterhaus shopping center. It's a little overloaded, but I love it ;-) I'm all for the American way of christmas, although I do think the traditional things like wooden decorations and so on should definately remain. Christmas shouldn't only be about shopping and presents either... I also saw a program on tv where they complained about sales going down at toyshops. I guess that's because so many kids get electronics like playstations, Ipods etc. That really is a great shame and I do hope a fair amount of "old-fashioned" parents remains out there.

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