Sunday, 17 February 2013

Yesterday's meals

"Schanzenfrühstück" - I opted for a French breakfast:
Croissant, Latte & apricot jam

Buffalo mozzarella, fresh basil, tomatoes - topped with creamy balsamic vinegar


Not pictured but completely delicious:
2 chocolate truffles (Latte Macchiato & Crème Brûlée)

Yesterday my boyfriend and I did a whole lot of cleaning and clearing up. I had been dreading going through the untidy guest room for quite some time. We still use it as kind of a closet, but want to turn it into a study. The kitchen cupboards needed a good clearing out, too, and whilst we were at it we started to go through the whole flat. It took us the entire day, but it was so worth it! I need my home cosy, tidy and clean, so this was really important and now I can start relaxing and enjoying a lazy sunday.
I didn't take photos of the flat, but I did pay attention to my meals. I was so in need of decent food what with all the moving around!

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