Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Animal city

Yesterday we had a lovely breakfast at Starbucks and went for a nice walk. Although Hamburg is a quite big city there are lots of free living animals here. I saw a little bunny once again and was flabberghasted it didn't try to run away when I approached it slowly. I didn't go too near of course as I didn't want it to get frightened after all, but I nevertheless thought that level of secureness was surpising for a normally rather scared animal. It is so nice to have animals around and I really miss our own from when I was a kid! In a documentary I watched recently I heard that there must be over 5000 wild boars in Berlin and here around the Elbe we even have rare sea eagles!
When we passed a small boutique a little doggy looked up at us from the inside. It seems like almost everyone here has one! I would love to get one again too, but what with work and all that could be difficult. Well sometime I guess... :-)

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