Thursday, 20 December 2012

Book tip!

Good morning to you!

During the past few weeks I've been reading a lot. After I finished all three Fifty Shades books, I moved on to 666 Park Avenue by Gabriella Pierce which turned out to have two more follow up books. Namely The Dark Glamour and The Lost Soul which is set to be released on January 17th. At first I wasn't so sure about them. I started 666 Park Avenue and thought it was quite entertaining but a little childish and unoriginal. But then it got really exciting and I gradually also warmed up to the characters. After having read Fifty Shades, it's quite easy to get into the Gabriella Pierce novels, as the initial situation strongly resembles the one in Fifty Shades. 

The books are about young Jane Boyle, who grew up with her shrewd grandmother in France and then moves to New York with her fiancĂ© of one month. His family turns out to be the most influential one in teh whole city and his mother is a handfull. She tries to make all the decisions regarding her son's upcoming wedding and intimidates all the people around her to a point where they'd do anything to please her. To cut a long story short, Jane realises that she's a witch and gradually finds out that her new family is too. That could have been a good thing if they didn't have their evil plans with her... 

I can only recommend the books to anyone who likes light but gripping entertainment ;-)

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