Saturday, 1 December 2012

Ein kleiner Bummel

I was quite surprised yesterday to see that sale has already begun here. Was it always this early??
Here in the North of Germany a lot of people like sitting in front of cafés even on colder days, but this time everybody seemed to have chosen warmth and huddled up inside. And as much es I love the atmosphere of people sitting outside in the summer, I also think it's wonderful to look into coffee shop windows and see friends sipping their lattes and eating gingerbread muffins together. It's like a safe spot to hide from the cold. We had a lot of sun here and temperatures were just above zero, so it isn't even that bad yet. In other parts of the country there's been a great amount of snowfall and people are having problems coping with it. Somehow it's always the same. You hear "This is the worst winter ever!" all the time and whilst people love moping about it being to rainy, when snow has come they don't like that either.

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