Saturday, 26 January 2013

Girls Day

I just got back from our walk and thought I'd show you some pictures from friday. My mum was in Hamburg and we decided to have a girls day yesterday. So we went into the center for coffee, chatting and some shopping.  Filling up one's energy reserves of course always comes first and we went to Campus Suite, where I was quite shocked to hear that lactose free milk costs an additional 40 cents. The storemanager was eager to explain that Starbucks' coffee was more expensive and so one doesn't have to pay extra for special wishes, but seeing as Campus Suite was so much cheaper he thought it was only logical to have that added on to the general price. Well, they could definitely at least write that somewhere... I never noticed. But before I bore you to tears or you think I'm some sort of penny pincher, I'll move on to tell you about my purchases ;-)
I really like Woman&Home magazine. I know it's for older women, but I feel there's so much more depth to what they write. I mean, as far as you can call that depth. They have good health tips, the women are totally inspiring and I never feel negatively influenced by what they show or say.
I also got a new book called "What's new pussycat?" by Alexandra Potter but I'll tell you about that in a separate post. If you are looking for a really good mascara, I can only recommend YSL's "Shocking". It elongates, thickens and darkens my eye lashes better than any other product I ever used. I'm also a firm believer in using good eye cream. Chanel's "Beauté Initiale Eye" works best for me right now. If you're lucky you'll get some nice samples, too :-P

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