Sunday, 20 January 2013

The difference between men and women

Guten Morgen! Good morning to all of you!
Whilst I was cooing over my nice new scented candle and deciding which nail varnish to put on, my boyfriend was perfectly happy with a box of cigarettes and a bottle of beer. Of course the true Hamburg version :-D It got me thinking, is it true that in general women are far more prone to luxury and having it nice than men? Over the past few weeks I noticed that all the guys I know don't really bother keeping their flats particularly tidy and clean as long as they're single. They don't mind sleeping in small, uncosy rooms (well, at least they seem uncosy to me) and don't have the same pressure to maintain a certain lifestyle. I guess I have to take into account, that I don't really socialize with the so-called high society people. At least not when it comes to close friends. And maybe a lot of trend oriented men pay the same attention to things as us women. But the guys I do don't and I think that's actually a really good thing. And whilst I wouldn't at all consider myself superficial or greatly money oriented, I do enjoy a certain lifestyle and sometimes I wish I had more of that easy-going attitude as it leaves you far less stressed and dissatisfied. 
Have you noticed any significant differences in your male friends?

Hope you have a wonderful sunday and wish you all some sun! (I'm afraid it's gone into hiding here)

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